Sweet Tamarind Chutni

Sauce Prepared This is one of India’s favourite chutneys, especially up in the North, where hardly any street food can be served without a good tablespoon of it spooned over the top, be it a samosa, a potato cake, Delhi’s famous chaat dishes and have even had in with Gujarati steamed lentil cakes. It is the Indian ketchup but purer and without the negative connotations.

It is the one chutney that many of us store in the fridge as it takes time to make but keeps really well. The tangy, fruity tamarind is balanced with the sweetness of the dates all rounded off with a few choice spices. This chutney is smooth like a sauce (many chutneys in India are) and is amazing when used as a dipping sauce, topping something spicy, as a glaze for grilling meats and in anything with yoghurt. It very quickly becomes a store-cupboard staple that makes a very welcome appearance very regularly.

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