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Delhi Biryani

Delhi Biryani

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Arguably the tastiest rice dish in the world. This biryani takes inspiration from Delhi with a mouth-wateringly spicy and deep flavour profile. Perfect with red meat, poultry, vegetables, paneer or eggs.

Contains a whole spice pouch, cook-in sauce and aromatic steamed biryani rice

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Hand my spice story

Delhi, once the Indian capital of the Mughals, is now well known and loved for its fantastic Mughlai food - a delicious blend between North Indian flavours and Mughal favourites. Our full-flavoured Delhi Biryani is a great example with its medium heat, fuller spicing and the rich complexity of tomatoes adding depth to the yoghurt sauce. The perfect dish for lovers of spice and flavour.

It contain 3 pouches - a spiced and cooked Basmati rice, a cook-in sauce and dried, whole spices. These convenient kits are easy to use and take as little as 15 minutes to prepare. Just fry the spices, add your protein or vegetables and cook-in sauce and, once cooked, top with the rice, cover and steam.

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Anjum’s Top Tips

Fry the spices and aromatics in 2 tsp. oil in a small-lidded pan (taking care not to overheat the oil) Add the mixed spices and cook gently for 20 seconds

Add your fresh ingredients and the contents of the sauce packet. Simmer until they are cooked to your liking. Add a little water as necessary, the sauce should be lightly creamy

Massage the rice in the packet to break up the clumps. Layer the rice evenly on top of the "Curry". Cover and Steam over the lowest heat for 5 minutes if you are rushing or 15 minuts if you have the time to allow the flavours to infuse

OUR PERFECT Delhi Biryani

Our Perfect Lamb Delhi Biryani

Brown 200g leg of lamb (if you have time) or rump (if you don’t) in a small splash of oil until golden. Add spices from the spice pouch and cook for another 20 seconds. Add in the sauce and bring to a simmer covered, on a gentle heat, until the lamb is cooked to your liking, around 45-60 minutes for the leg or 6-8 minutes for the rump. Stir occasionally.  You might need to add some water if you are slow cooking the lamb.

Massage the rice pouch to break up any lumps and pour evenly over the lamb. Cover the pot and steam over a gentle heat for 5 minutes or until the rice has steamed and heated through.

Traditionally, this dish is garnished with crispy fried onions and saffron infused milk. For this, simmer a pinch of saffron in 2 tbs. hot milk or water for 30 seonds and leave to infuse for another 5-10 minutes. Drizzle over the rice before steaming. Fry sliced onions in hot oil until golden. They will crisp up. 

I also like to garnish with pomegranate seeds for added colour.

Serve with plain yoghurt or a crunchy raita.

Also delicious with chicken thighs, chickpeas, mushrooms, vegetables, paneer and so much more.

When using a vegetarian option, you might want to add a 1-2 tbs. yoghurt or cream to the sauce to mellow the spices so they don’t overpower the gentler ingredients. For lots of delicious recipes, please look in our ‘Cook’ section.


Cooked Rice (67%), Yoghurt (6%) (MILK), Tomato (4%), Sunflower Oil, Powdered and Whole Spices, Dehydrated Onion, Tomato Paste, Salt, Garlic, Ginger, Green Cardamom, Coriander Leaves, Cassia, Bay Leaf


The rice pouch contains a piece of cassia (looks like a piece of bark), which is similar to cinnamon and is there to impart a wonderful flavour to your biryani


  PER 100g
ENERGY 541kJ/128kcal
FAT 2.9g
of which saturates 0.5g
of which sugars 1.1g
FIBRE 1.3g
SALT 0.44g

The spice mix

  • Whole red chilli
    Whole red chilli for clean heat
  • Cloves
    Cloves for pungent sweetness
  • Green Cardamom
    Green Cardamom for freshness
  • Cassia
    Cassia for sweet warmth
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I recently found your Biryani and it was amazing! Having spent hours making Biryanis over the years, I found your Biryani amazing and so authentic.
- Maggie from the UK
I want to thank you for your Delhi Biryani. My taste buds thought that my birthday and Christmas had arrived in a bowl. My wife and I love cooking with your curry sauces and hope to do so for many years to come. Thank you for the wonderful Biryani and other dishes
- David from the UK

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