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Tofu and Vegetable Neatball Massaman Curry
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I have always loved meatballs and don’t see why vegetarians and vegans shouldn’t enjoy the same pleasure. In India, we have many veggie “neatball” dishes, so we have used that an inspiration for this Thai style curry.
Thai Massaman Curry
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Makes 16 balls

  • 1 pack The Spice Tailor Thai Massaman Curry
  • 200g extra firm tofu, drained
  • 150g oyster mushrooms, cleaned and torn in half
  • 10g fresh coriander, chopped
  • 2 rounded tbs. fresh breadcrumbs
  • 40g green beans, sliced and sautéed in a little oil
  • 40g red peppers, finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp veg oil and extra for frying
  • Salt or soya sauce to taste
  1. In a frying pan, heat 1 tbs. of oil and fry the mushrooms and brown all over. Season and cook for another minute and remove from the pan and set aside.
  2. In the same pan, heat ½ tsp. oil, add the green beans, stir-fry for 2 minutes, then add the peppers and a little salt and cook for another 2 minutes. Place these in a bowl.
  3. Place the tofu and half of the cooked mushrooms in a food processor and blitz until smooth. Chop the other half of the mushrooms and add to the bowl along with the coriander, breadcrumbs and tofu mushroom mix. Mix together, season to taste and form into walnut sized balls, there should be around 16.
  4. In a large frying pan, heat the remaining oil and fry the tofu balls, browning all over. Set aside.
  5. Add the spices from the spice sachet into the pan and stir-fry for 10 seconds. Add in the Massaman paste and coconut sauce from the two pouches and bring to a simmer. Add in the little neatballs and simmer for 2-3 minutes, adding a little water for a thinner consistency if eating with rice.
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