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Delhi Black Lentil Daal

Delhi Black Lentil Daal

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  • 5mins
This deliciously rich and smoky black lentil curry is the most popular daal in Indian restaurants around the world. The lentils make a really flavourful, earthy and nutty curry, enriched by spices, ginger and tomatoes.

Contains a whole spice pouch, a "tarka" spiced sauce and cooked lentils

  • Serves 2-3
  • No Nasties
  • Vegetarian
  • Mild
  • Plant Powered
Hand my spice story

If you’ve never tried Makhani Daal, you’re in for a treat. These lentils are actually whole tiny black beans which when cooked slowly, plump up into creamy flavourful nuggets of deliciousness.

This daal is a restaurant staple and a real favourite in India. It is simply flavoured with tomatoes, whole spices, ginger and garlic for a deep rich, slightly smoky flavour, with a little cream and butter for that signature richness. It is absolutely delicious, some might say addictive, so be warned!

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Anjum’s Top Tips

Fry the whole spices in 1-2 tsp of hot oil (or ghee) until sizzling

Stir in the tarka sauce (the small pouch) and bring to a simmer

Add the lentils and 4-5 tbsp water, bring to a simmer… then serve!

OUR PERFECT Delhi Black Lentil Daal

A few simple ideas to tailor the Delhi Black Lentil Daal to suit your mood and taste:

  • Fry pierced whole green chillies with the spices for extra flavour

  • Top with some fried julienne-cut ginger, and/or fresh coriander

  • Cook the daal until thick and spoon into warm tortillas, top with tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream and shredded crisp lettuce


Water, Whole Black Gram Lentils (14%), Cream (MILK), Tomato Paste, Butter (MILK), Ginger, Garlic, Whole and Ground Spices, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Rice Flour.




PER 100g
ENERGY 459kJ/110kcal
FAT 4.7g
of which saturates 2.8g
of which sugars 1.3g
FIBRE 3.4g
SALT 0.99g

The spice mix

  • Whole red chilli
    Whole red chilli for clean heat
  • Cassia
    Cassia for sweet warmth
  • Black cardamom
    Black cardamom for smoky depth
  • Dry fenugreek leaves
    Dry fenugreek leaves for savory aroma
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I have tried all your daals and love them. For once, a meal pack that is restaurant quality; not only easy to make but delicious every time. I used to say the best thing I can make for dinner is a reservation. Now I just grab your daal packs from my pantry and dinner is served in 5 minutes.
- Vanessa Frewin
Thank you for a delicious dinner tonight. We had the Delhi Black Makhani Daal. It delivered on flavour, authenticity and heat level. We normally only enjoy mild curries, but this had all the flavour with just a tiny hint of chilli. We will definitely try more of your products.
- Linda and David from Victoria

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